We offering Mixing and or Mastering Service from Europes Top Number 4 Studio based in Germany called Peak Studios. 

3 Options:

Mixing & Mastering (Including 2 revisions): 

8 Euros for one track, but at least 150 Euros total which includes Dynamic, EQing and such. 


Mixing Only (Including 2 revisions):

7 Euros for one track, but at least 100 Euros total which includes Dynamic, EQing and such. 


Stem Mastering (Including 2 revisions):

45 Euros for one stem. For example 1 Track Vocals and 1 Track Instrumental / Beat makes total of 90 Euros.


References: Mixing and Mastering for the following Snowgoons Albums / Projects: Kraftwerk, Snowgoons Dynasty, Snowgoons & Reef Album and more.

Other Artists worked with Peak Studios: Rick Ross, Lumidee, B-Real and many more.


Further details and options can be discusses direct with the Studio Owner Chris. We will connect you with him so you 

can ask questions directly. 



45,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1