Benny Holiday – The Masking Tape CD


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Benny Holiday is back with The Masking Tape and this is literally a throwback. Finally sees the light of the day.

After hitting 1 Million Streams on Spotify with the Kamikaze Song ft Jelly Roll we had to press this Album on CD and Vinyl.

This is the super limited Jewel Case CD.


1. The Masking Tape (Prod by Snowgoons)

2. Out The Mud (Prod by I.N.C.H.)

3. Backwoods ft. Haystak (Prod by Nyktophobia)

4. Appilachian Hills (Prod by Benny Holiday)

5. Still Waters (Prod by C-Lance)

6. The Harvest ft. Bubba Sparxxx (Prod by Al’tarba)

7. Casablanca (Prod by C-Lance)

8. Kamikaze ft. Jellyroll (Prod by C-Lance)

9. Theropayle (Prod by Al’tarba)

10. Chasing a Lost Dream (Prod by Al’tarba)

11. Watch for the Beast ft. Knowledge of Savage Brothers (Prod by Al’tarba)

12. Perribles ft. Billy Rosco (Prod by Al’tarba)

13. C.A.R.O.L.I.N.A (Prod by Al’tarba)

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 1 cm