Lord Goat (NonPhixion) – Coffin Syrup Vinyl


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Lord Goat (Goretex from NonPhixion) – Coffin Syrup classic Black Vinyl limited edition of 350 Units.

All units here available at signed by Lord Goat himself with a white marker on the cover!

Featuring ILL BILL, Killa Sha & Timbo King.


A1. Groovy Magician
A2. Momentary Lapse Of Reason
A3. Baby Ozzy
A4. Farragut Dust
A5. Bundles
A6. Run Gimmick
A7. Boars Head
A8. The Project Generals
A9. Virtual Goat ft ILL BILL
A10. Godless Wrath
A11. Dan Lilker
A12. Return Of Tuddy
A13. Black Pyramids

B1. Church Of Misery
B2. Belt Parkway
B3. Kill Again
B4. Hallway Shout
B5. Rick Rozz
B6. Dedicated ft Killa Sha & Timbo King
B7. Porsche With Bricks
B8. Crawlspace ft Blacastan
B9. Earthrot
B10. Skeptics Apocalypse (Demo)

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 1 cm