Snowgoons x Grind Mode Cypher – Goon Mode Double CD


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The Snowgoons teamed up with the Grind Mode Cypher to drop a crazy Cypher Album. 18 Bangers featuring only top notch spitters like Block McCloud, Diabolic, iNTell, Termanology, CL Smooth just to name a few.

Original pressed Double CD limited to 100 Units and we just had to restock it with another 100 units!

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CD 1:

01. Goon Mode – Lingo, Trip B, Ayok, Gibby Stites, Frankie V & K-Prez (prod. by Lingo)

02. Time’s Up – Lingo, Ayok, KidArsenic, G Lyrekal, Marz One & Pestilence (prod. by Evil Dead)

03. Skills Don’t Kill – Lingo, Ayok, Mister Misk, Kromeatose, Elijah Divine, Arichussettes, Problemattik, Block McCloud (prod. by Snowgoons)

04. Rap Lords – Lingo, Ayok, CHJ, Jacc D. Frost, MW Milkweed, Smeag the Scientist & NdaKut (prod. by Asko67)

05. Fierce Darts – Lingo, Don PERA, CapCizza, Aly K, PIKE, Frankie V & Ayok (prod. by Snowgoons)

06. 1-2 Punch – Lingo, Mr. King, Ayok, Massaka, Frankie V & Xecutive (prod. by Boomtact)

07. Savage Goons – Lingo, Ayok, Vendetta of PcP, Xkwisit, Shyste Chronkyte, Rage Roxwell, Hope The Rapper, Trip B, Johnny Conceptz & Diabolic (prod. by Evil Dead)

08. Slugfest – Lingo, Ayok, Enels, Mo Rukuz, Bario Bros., Trip B & Johnny Conceptz (prod. Evil Dead)

09. True Story – Lingo, Tumany, PeaKock, Don Tox & Ayok (prod. by Lingo)

CD 2:

10. Light Up the Mic – Lingo, Ayok, CapCizza, CL3CTIC, Massaka, Sevin Soprano, G Lyrekal & iNTeLL (prod. by Evil Dead)

11. King $#!+ – Ayok, Lingo, Ability, Frankie V, Spacey Jones, Dirt Rustle, Five HipHop & Termanology (prod. by Lingo)

12. I Wanna Know – THR3AT, Ayok, Lingo & Don PERA (prod. by Sevin Soprano)

13. Not Ya Ordinary – Lingo, CapCizza, Arichussettes, Ayok & CL Smooth (prod. by Lingo)

14. Beast on the Mic – Lingo, Easty The Muscle, Izma401, Massaka, Errol Flynn aka Evil, Ayok & CRdoubleIS (prod. by Snowgoons)

15. Hunting Grounds – THR3AT, Lingo, Ayok, Don PERA, Gamblez, Friday Goodish, KidArsenic, Johnny Concpetz, Coast LoCastro & Diabolic (prod. by Snowgoons)

16. Rah Rah – Ayok, Rated R CNY, Don PERA, Lingo, Poet On Drugs & THR3AT (prod. Snowgoons)

17. Cobra Clutch – Lingo, Five Hiphop, Grizzy the Great, CXP, Vendetta of PcP & Ayok (prod. by Lingo)

18. It’s a Grind – Lingo, Ayok, CapCizza, allcapskane, G Lyrekal & Cambatta (prod. by Lingo)

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