Onyx & Snowgoons – SnowMads Signed Vinyl

This is the SnowMads Vinyl in Red Signed by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz of Onyx. Only limited Units available. 
Vinyl is opened and signed on the Cover. The Shrink Wrap is still on and will be shipped in a plastic protection sleeve.



Side A:

01. SnowMads Intro

02. Who Da Fuc 

03. Robbing Hip Hop ft Bumpy Knuckles & Nems

04. Monsters Gorillas ft Knuckles (NBS)

05. Rat Tat Tat ft Quadro & Ufo Fev

06. Hoodies Down

07. Kill Da Mic

08. Street Art ft SickFlo


Side B:

09. Trolling ft Knuckles (NBS)

10. Ringolevio 

11. Built Like That

12. Mad Shoot Outs ft Flee Lord

13. I Got The Tec-9 

14. Ain't No Time To Rest ft Dope D.O.D

15. Bonus: Good Fight

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