TEAM FRESHLIKE is: Teme77, Arasch, Truth, J.A.X, R.O.N, Son41, Mars of Illyricum, Puls MC  & Plastic. This posse album is coming from the South of Germany mainly Heidelberg and area, this Album gives you wide range of true Hip Hop over 13 songs. 9 different artists collaborate on this album and reppin' to the fullest.

Limited to only 200 Units we snatched a couple of copies so this will be a collectors item real quick.

Coming with a Digital Download via E-Mail!



A1. Intro

A2. Fresh Like (feat. Twas & DJ Def Cut)

A3. Represent

A4. Heidelberg

A5. Kurzer Prozess

A6. Aarrhuu

A7. Sunrise

B1. Freiheit

B2. HD Empire

B3. 10.000

B4. Kopfgeld

B5. First Round K.O.

B6. Flowtrain


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