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DJ 600V legendary producer from Poland and working with a lot of the US underground Hip Hop scene over the years. Volt’s classic style has always been associated with the nineties from the USA, certainly many people imagined how foreign guests sounded on them, this album is the answer to the question. Brilliant beats from a time when “Volt Sounded Like Pete Rock” so to say. Features by PMD, Edo G, Artifacts, Freeway, G. Dot & Born and many more.

Double Vinyl comes in one Yellow and one Black Vinyl.


01 600V True luv intro

02 600V ft. Edo G – Just because

03 600V ft. Joe – Simpte Lose You

04 600V ft. Mecca Star & Freeway – Friends 600V Remix

05 600V ft. The Cypher – The Scenario

06 600V ft. Artifacts – Hip Hop Specialists

07 600V ft. Raw Material & Joe Smpte – Clear View

08 600V ft. PMD, G.Dot & Born – We Don’t Stop

09 600V ft. Diamond P, Billy Blade & Joe Smpte – Crazy

10 600V ft. Bandits Nest – The Streets Are Raw

11 600V ft. Andre – Proceed With Caution

12 600V ft. Joe Smpte – Point Of No Return

13 600V – Gotta Get It (Skit)

14 600V ft. Alozade – Everyday

15 600V ft. Edo G  – Just Because REMIX

16 600V ft. PMD, G.Dot & Born – We Don’t Stop REMIX

17 600V ft. Artifacts – Hip Hop Specialists REMIX

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