DJ 600V – Classic Instrumentals Vol. 3 Vinyl


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DJ 600V invite you for an instrumental journey through time of the early era of Polish Hip-Hop!
Third volume of the classic instruments by the most classic Polish Hip Hop producer – 600V. In addition to the option for music lovers, it is also a must-have item on the DJ TOOLS shelf. The instrumentals on the project have improved sound, and the vinyls were pressed in the artist’s favorite pressing plant, which made every effort to ensure that the final result would satisfy all DJ’s and fans of old-school sounds!

Classic Black Vinyl.



1 Nie jestem k biznesmenem

2 To ten bit

3 Opium

4 Esencja

5 Natura


6 Projekt jest w drodze

7 Kazdy z nas

8 60 kilo wersow

9 Paru typow

10 Odlot

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Dimensions 31 × 31 × 1 cm