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Onyx BacDaFucUp Remixed Signed OBI Vinyl


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Onyx – BacDaFucUp Remixed by the Snowgoons! For the 30th Anniversary the Snowgoons Remixed the classic BacDaFucUp Album and it will be only released on limited Vinyl and CD!

Dope artwork by C.W.A. (Covers With Attitude).

If you need a sound sample go to the Snowgoons Bandcamp page.

We offer two colorways Timbs Yellow and the Red Pinwheel Splatter.

This is the Signed BacDaFucUp OBIs by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz with a cut out strip from the BacDaFucUp Vinyl Cover and is limited to only 20 Units. Plus it comes with the BacDaFucUp Car Refresher.


Side A:

01. BacDaFucUp Remixed

02. Bichasnigguz Remixed

03. Throw Ya Gunz Remixed

04. Here N Now Remixed

05. Bust Dat Ass Remixed

06. Atak Of Da Bal-Hedz Remixed +

07. Da Madface Invasion Remixed

08. Black Vagina Finda Remixed

09. Da Bounca Nigga Skit

10. Nigga Bridges Remixed +

Side B:

01. Onyx Is Here Remixed

02. Slam Remixed

03. Stik N Move Remixed

04. Bichasbootleguz Remixed

05. Shifftee Remixed

06. Phat N All Dat Remixed

07. Da New Niguz Remixed *

08. GetDaFucOut Remixed

+ Produced by BoFaat

* Produced by Jn’Ration

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Red, Yellow