Retrogott & Fokis – Universal Dialect Vinyl


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It’s here!!! Universal Dialect the new album by German Emcee/Producer Retrogott & NYC Emcee/Producer Fokis. The album which is entirely produced by Retrogott is a perfect example of how Hip-Hop unites people and cultures, prooving it truly is the Universal Dialect. The album features Sadat XEdo. G, plus legendary German MCs LakmannMC Rene & more.
Classic Black Vinyl.
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Side A:
1. Universal Dialect
2. Go To Work
3. Im Feeling Like ft Flip & Logan Hate
4. Time Will Tell ft Sadat X
5. Another Level
6. Game Time ft Lakmann
7. Keep Hope Alive
Side B:
1. Make It Count ft Edo. G
2. Hangout & Drink ft Mistah Nice
3. Thankful ft Drive-By
4. Solutions ft Pwatts
5. Swiss Army knife ft E.S.I.K., M.US.A & CRF
6. Was Die Zukunft Bringt ft MC Rene
7. Perspective
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